Walk Like a Panther



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Lena Headey as Janet Winters
Jason Flemyng as Ginger Frost
Stephen Graham as Mark Bolton
Julian Sands as Tony 'Sweet Cheeks' Smith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackhenderson-50908 4 / 10

A niche low budget film with a confused plot

This film will not appeal to the interests of the general public unless British 80's wrestling is your passion.

This films plot is very strange. It starts off with lots off old people beating up a chav and then they go viral on YouTube. These old people are x-wrestlers from the 80s none of the characters are really believable except from the dad of the main character who is not an x-wrestler. They all feel like bad cartoon characters. The manger character and the villain wrestler are the worst for this although unlike the manager character who is just annoying the villain character is actually one of the few that made me laugh at his jokes/action in a way that wasn't because of how bad and cringe it was.

There is a redeeming feature to this film from the side characters the two trainee security guards are the funniest characters in the film even with the little screen time they got and made me bump my rating from a 3 to a 4 single handedly

In the end of the film the annoying chav from earlier becomes good for no reason and the boring main character gets scouted to live out his dream as a precessional wrestler, these are both very unrealistic and come out of nowhere

Overall there are definitely better films to see and you won't miss anything from this film by not seeing it although it is not 100% rubbish

Reviewed by acunnington-49732 7 / 10

A gentle and heartwarming comedy.

This is one of those community spirited films in the manner of The Full Monty, and the Ealing comedies, that British film makers often do (but don't always do particularly well). A fairly formulaic plot of 'let's get the old gang back together for the one last tilt at the establishment' is brought to life by some good acting and some very likable, and in some cases eccentric characters. It's not full of belly laughs, but you can't help but have a smile on your face much of the time. Stephen Graham, Julian Sands, Steve Furst and Jill Halfpenny all turn in great performances (Jill Halfpenny in particular), and there's some lovely Yorkshire scenery to enjoy.

Reviewed by lorna-adair-133-801166 10 / 10

A true gem

You settle into your cinema seat and with the the opening credits your transported to 4pm on a Saturday afternoon. The film has a heart warming story plenty of laughs, and a villain you can't wait to see get his just deserts. The wealth of British talent in this film is crazy, you could easily do a spin off with a few. What you get from this film is a damm good laugh. Worth a watch you won't be disappointed

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