Til Death Do Us Part



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Taye Diggs as Alex
Annie Ilonzeh as Madison / Kate
Malik Yoba as Rob
Stephen Bishop as Michael
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BabyGirll45 1 / 10

Rip Off

This entire movie is a total rip off of "Sleeping with the Enemy", and a horrible version at that. They had a couple different twist but its the same movie. Although the actors in the movie are all beautiful, and they tried to do a good job but its just a bad movie. It definitely touches domestic abuse issues but it sometimes become unbelievable. Don't dare pay for this one just wait it out I'm sure it'll be on BET soon enough...

Reviewed by phreespyryt 1 / 10

Save Your Money

This movie is a poorly produced and written rip off of "Sleeping With the Enemy". If you like "crappy" movies, then this review may not deter you from supporting "Til Death". There were too many transitions between scenes, the story time line was off, and the movie was not believable AT ALL. Please save your money and wait for it to come to Bounce TV, BET or TV1.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 4 / 10


I have definitely scene better melodrama. I was expecting some thing better considering that it was released in theaters. 

So the first twenty minutes is dull. Real dull, almost makes me want to leave the theater. So like in the movie The Perfect Guy, Madison thought she found the perfect guy, but the fact that he does not want children is a contradiction to her wanting to be a mommy.  So they start to argue, and he gets psychical with her, showing his true colors. She tries to deal with it for a little while, but then realizes it's not worth it and finds a way out. This is when the real action happens.

The movie is fine for watching late at night on BET but I was expecting better from a major release in theaters. Something like No Good Deed or something. Maybe that was too high on the scale to expect this movie to be ( I mean, I can't expect anyone to be as good as the combo of Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson) Taye Diggs is good in it, as Alex, the guy Madison meets after running away from the perfect guy. Very charming. Not Charming enough to hold this together, however.

I will say that every women in this film was really beautiful. Even in small roles as waitresses and Nurses, any women who had a line in the movie was smoking hot. That did catch my attention.

Really cool that R&B Artist Marques Houston Wrote and produce this thing, but all and all it's still really generic. If you saw one on BET you saw them all, and that's the only place you should watch it. 

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