Tiger Zinda Hai


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sujit Mohanan 1 / 10

There is no logic here

Tiger Zinda Hai had a lot of expectations because of the teams prior movies. But, this movie is a total disaster. I really don't know what Kabir Khan was thinking. Right from the start the movie goes in one direction, down. It just doesn't pick up from there at any time during the film. The worst thing about the movie is lack of logic throughout the movie. The terrorists, for some reason, only fought with knifes. All the fight sequences where Salman or Kat would fight 10 at once, would make me wonder if only these terrorist would have had a gun - the movie would have ended in 30 mins. The sequence near the end where Salman comes of the door with a big ass machine gun to fight with an army of terrorist just made me laugh out loud. All these trained militants could not hit there target sitting like a duck in front of them, but Salman managed to hit all of them! Wait, the stupidity doesn't end here. There is also a sequence were terrorist have leaked poisonous gas, but it doesn't effect Salman because he has wrapped a cloth around his face!

Reviewed by anshul-47775 1 / 10

Tiger Zinda hoga par logic marr gaya hai

These are a few scenes which killed my neurons: 1) Salman's entry scene with wolves is funny and his kid is irritating. 2) As the number of terrorist soldiers increased, Salman switched to bigger guns. At one point, there were 200 soldiers and our hero picked the biggest gun he can find, stood at one place and kept shooting. FYI these 200 soldiers were also shooting back but surprisingly they all missed. 3) They portrayed a big villain in the movie, which of course required a big plot for him to go down. Throughout the movie he was seen with hundreds of soldiers at his disposal but as the movie came to an end and it was high time the villain was killed, they showed him roaming around Salman with just a knife. 4) To kill salman (who was tied to a chair), the villian didn't shoot him. He put him in a room full of toxic gas, asked his men to wear gas mask and then go inside and shoot him. 5) Salman and Katrina escaped a whole city under airstrike, within 3 SECONDS. 6) Dialogues were written by a kid. Villain: Tu mujhe rokk ke dikha. Salman: Dum hai toh tu mujhe rokk ke dikha. 7) Salman's colleague tells him that it was impossible to diffuse the bomb (tells him twice). Salman tells him, its a matter of country's pride and his colleague diffuses it within seconds. 8) Action scenes had several explosions, most of them happened in empty cars with no enemy around. Didn't understand the director's obsession with exploding empty cars. 9) Whole movie was formula based: Take what work's best for Indian audience (fuck logic/acting/talent).

This list can go on. In simple words, whole movie was bleh. To many of the body builders, single guys/one sided lovers, Muslim youths and others.... please stop being a blind fan.

Reviewed by pawan_arora 2 / 10

Another mediocre blockbuster

I watched this movie on Christmas eve with packed house expecting something unique this time from Salman's movie. The movie did begin with the potential of 'not another' typical bollywood movie, with good cinematography, and perfectly laid out setup main plot to save hostages from the biggest terrorist of the world. The entry of 'Bhai' was also very good, with good dialogues and I started expecting something out of the box. But as the movie start progressing, it also started getting loud and chaotic. Too much action and no soul. It more started felt like fantasy movie, with nothing could happen in reality. All the action scenes were looking childish, with same kind of action getting redundant all over the place. Later, you want the movie to end somehow to help yourself recover from headache.

The villain was a pure waste of the movie. He was looking for like a puppet, rather than the "number one terrorist of the world". As the movie described him. He also had very little time on screen. Salman was looking like "superman". He frighted the troops of terrorist without receiving even a single bullet.

The movie plot was predictable from the beginning with little twist of India Pakistan agents getting together to save hostages. and it finished without any surprises. I lost all the faith in Salman's movie. Most of his movies are mindless with the exception of some. I recommend everyone to stay from this garbage. I wish I could get refund. The best while watching this movie was looking at the exit gate getting opened. That was indeed a sigh of relief.

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