The Domestics


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 2370


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Kate Bosworth as Nina West
Tyler Hoechlin as Mark West
Sonoya Mizuno as Betsy
David Dastmalchian as Willy Cunningham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psychposters 5 / 10

its exactly how you think its gonna be

I thought oh...another Purge-esq film, which is not a far shot . but i did get a warriors, vanishing point roadtrip vibe. this film kinda fits in sowmewhere with other post apoc films somehere between the first mad mad and road warrior in terms of the worlds timeline this film inhabits.. i didnt think it was afwul or unentertaining just doesnt do anything new with it. had no problems with the actors either, think it is exactly what it is in the trailer, nothing more nothing less. probably couldve used some more horror and suspense as it stands now its like something youd see on syfy channel late at night. nothing new really. would i watch it again? probably not unless they dig up an alternate cut of the film that has more action.. but once was ok for the genre post apocalypse crowd.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 9 / 10

One of the better B-grade movies I've seen!

One doorknob reviewer gave this film a 2 because it's a B-grade film. So what, clearly just because it's not a huge Hollywood blockbuster production with A-list actors doesn't make this film worth a 2/10.

I'm rating this film based on it's merits of being a B-grade film, and I was impressed, as it's one of the better B-grade movies I've seen! It certainly is Mad Max meets The Purge, and the combination was perfect.

This was Mike P. Nelson's 2nd full length film he's directed and written, and he nailed the directing, and the writing was very well done. My only critique is how quickly Kate Bosworth's character went from docile to bad-ass.

Nevertheless, all actors were perfect for their roles. The cinematography and costumes were on point, the pacing and length just perfect, the score could not have been better and I enjoyed the soundtracks.

This was a really fun ride and better than I expected. A well deserved 9/10 from me and hope for at least a part 2 in the near future!

Reviewed by petera00 9 / 10

Don't read these nerds quoting Supergirl and Superman - it's a good flick

For too long IMDB has fallen into the hands of nerds obessesed with the new CW DC comics bug... Or the genre hype that unfortunately horror has become. This movie is legit and extremely entertaining. I wouldn't compare this to the Purge at all, but more off Walter Hill's Warriors meets Mad Max. I have a problem with critics from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes because these people wouldn't know the difference from Bergman, Truffaut to Fulci, Bava and Argento. They misquote every genre film now and expect it to be something that it isn't. Honestly don't go into this picture thinking it's like this years hit Hereditary - because it's not. It's pure entertainment and not some bloated indie crap that they're trying to elevate as elevated horror. Honestly this has more off a grindhouse sploitation feel to it. So stop listening to these nerds belittling it and saying it doesn't make any sense... Go into it with the fresh approach that it's just fun and entertaining... Because that's what film's and especially genre films should be... FUN. And this my friends is one of the better films that doesn't care about social crap that''s come out this year.

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