The Demoniacs



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ben Larson 5 / 10

Horror or Art?

If you are here for the rape, you have wasted your time. The scenes are a joke. Even worse, the supposed killing of the two girls (Lieva Lone, Patricia Hermenier). The acting was atrocious.

Now, if you want to see Joëlle Coeur (Fly Me the French Way, Seven Women for Satan) fully naked, and engaging in sex with John Rico, that's a whole other story.

The Captain (Rico) hardly has time to enjoy the aftereffects when he is visited by apparitions of the two girls. Maybe it was just the booze.

The girls do eventually reappear only to escape and find an old castle guarded by, believe it or not, a clown. Not a court jester, but a clown. Strange.

They go through the transformation to become demoniacs, and, I am glad to say, sex is part of the transformation. Yes, there is the usual mumble jumble ritual, but there is also orgasm.

Don't expect a lot of gore in this film. It really doesn't make sense in a lot of scenes. You'll see what I mean. I think Rollin may have been trying to make an art film instead of a horror film.

It is a shame that Lieva Lone and Patricia Hermenier did not stick around to do more films, but another chance to watch Joëlle Coeur is always worth the time.

Reviewed by Eegah Guy 4 / 10

Pirates, clowns, nude mute girls and sex, French-style.

I have a problem with Jean Rollin films. Despite all the stylish surrealism, great French locations and nudity I still find his films incredibly boring. I do appreciate Rollin's persistence of vision throughout his string of poetic sex/horror exploitation films through the 70s (clowns, castles, twins, beaches) but my mind begins to wander during his films and this is no exception. The plot follows a dream logic known only to the director with too much time spent watching these sailors fight, rape or just sit in a bar. The one female in the sailor gang really does inject some gusto into the her part though.

Reviewed by callanvass 7 / 10

Bizarre but i liked it! *Possible Spoilers*

Bizarre but i liked it, it was well made with some impressive directing from Jean Rollin especially the shot near the Ruins. The photography was superb and the set pieces were awesome!. The ending was creative and the o loved the locations!. The actors really didn't have to do all that much. The story was very interesting if a bit confusing at times, and we get TONS and TONS of nudity!. But the 2 main females just stand there and stare! and don't say anything. There is a bit of gore here but not all that much. we get a beer mug full of blood , a couple stabbings , and a wicked sequence involving glass (i won't spoil it for you. The acting is okay but they really didn't have to do all that much. Patricia Hermeneir and Lieva Lone are both hot but all they had to do was stare and act scared. John Rico does fine as the captain and did what he had to do well. Willy Braque does okay here as Bosco but didn't have to do that much. Paul Bisciglia is the comic relief here and Joelle Coeur is beautiful but didn't have to do much except act crazy and take her clothes off. Overall well worth looking for if you can find it was on digital cable a channel called the Scream Channel (a bunch of others were too. *** out of 5

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