Shaadi Ke Side Effects


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tuhin chowdhury 4 / 10

Side effect from watching this movie- Confusion

The start is promising. Later its all confusing and then its ends with a big WTF... A struggling musician marries a well settled working woman. An ingredients for a serious movie. Instead it looks like dish supposed to a Biryani...turns out to be a Khichdi. How the hell did this struggling musician afford to go to exotic foreign locations with his girlfriend and also propose her with a big solitaire while in a hot air balloon? The wife's profession is not known. They lead a luxurious lifestyle. They even hire a 15000 Rupees nanny while the wife is not working. Though, through out the film its about the male leads struggle. Defies logic. The support acts were like playing kabaddi...they come and go at the drop of a popcorn. The main issues portrayed are genuine but the story really lags in dealing with them. Not to waste money on this. If you really want to watch this, wait for it come on a movie channel.

Reviewed by mr_zain93 8 / 10

A great take on life after marriage..something rare in bollywood..

I was really looking forward for this film , as after a long time it looked like a sensible movie was coming out of Bollywood..and I was not disappointed , as the movie turned out exactly how I expected to be , funny and realistic at the same time..It may not be the most unconventional movie churned out , but still something worth watching If you're a fan of sitcoms nonetheless..

Farhan was just brilliant as the confused husband cum dad , while Vidya was perfect as the typical wife cum mum..both of them complemented each other wonderfully , which is one of the main reason the movie worked big time..

The only bad thing about the movie is it was too damn long , which shouldn't be for this kind of film , as some unnecessary scenes and songs could have been avoided..there comes a point in the 2nd half where you start wondering what is actually going on , but the movie picks up right before the climax..

So nothing much to say here I guess , if you love sensible cinema , you'll really enjoy the movie , but If you are into mindless masala movies , I suggest you ignore this one..

Reviewed by Varun Aggarwal 4 / 10

A missed opportunity... could have been much better

The movie, being a sequel to directors fresh and delightful Pyaar Ke Side Effects, starts on a high note. The jokes are good and you have some really smart dialogs and funny situations as the first half progresses. Especially the part where Farhan tries to feel like a pregnant lady. However that's where the good things end.

Second half is a Mish-Mash of emotions and multiple characters which are totally wasted. Taking nothing away from Farhan or Vidya's acting, it's the director's confusion about what he wants to show that is the culprit. The love a father may have for his child has been totally ignored with Farhan's character treating his daughter as nothing more than a hassle as there is no father-child connect in the movie. Characters like Vidya's mother and Vir Das are underutilized. Even Ila Arun's character has been mis-handled.

The movie tries to show the issues a couple with kid with single income may face, yet we never see Farhan working hard while whining about expenses all the time (While living in a luxury house by Mumbai standards). The movie completely loses its plot and the climax leaves a bad taste as a half baked attempt.

I would still say it deserves a one time watch for the first half which comes as a tasty appetizer, its the main course that got burnt.

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