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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ShadowTek 4 / 10

Half Vampire girl VS. Naked white cyborg guy and his buddies.

ShadowTek here...

OK.. So some movies ask you to suspend your belief.. I'm ok with that.. especially these Rape & Revenge movies.. this movie takes that to a level never before seen in a movie.. UNLESS, You assume right off the bat that the hot chic is a half vampire and the naked white dude is a cyborg. Believe it or not, if you assume this to be the case right off the bat.. that is actually asking you to suspend your disbelief far LESS then if you don't assume this.

So, this hot half vampire chic gets raped and and pushed off a 200 foot cliff and gets impaled through the back, sets the tree on fire to free herself and takes revenge.. now don't worry about that fall she took.. her half vampire side will have its healing powers kick in full strength. (Plus how do you think she survived a fall that would have made her look like pile of goo when she hit)

Also due to her half vampire nature.. She can lose literally 5000 gallons of blood and still survive! She can also use her vamp speed to casually catch up to cars far away and pulling away from her by taking a shortcut over a mountain to catch up in no time.

So she kills naked cyborg's buddies and confronts white naked cyborg at his house.. she shoots white naked cyborg.. causing another 5000 gallons of blood loss (yup.. 5000 gallons.. at least) BUT because he is in fact a cyborg.. it's nothing a little Saran wrap cant fix....

See? If you make these assumptions right off the bat.. it's not that bad of a movie.. but if you don't Don't bother cause yes.. it's that unrealistically bad.


Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10

"Cockfights are pro-rooster because there's always one left standing". Nevertheless a brutal n visually engaging film.

Saw this recently on a pirated dvd. The trailer was very captivating, especially the cinematography. After seeing almost all the rape/revenge thriller n even the low budget trash, the one thing which piqued my interest about this film is its settings. This film is visually very engaging. Most of the violent scenes are way too over the top n some scenes r plain unbelievable. Some may complain about the girl being a female Rambo. Some may jus laugh out loud n get entertained. In one lol scene a male runs naked a la American Psycho. The film does contain tons n tons of blood n violent scenes too. Branch piercing in the guts, broken glass in the sole of a foot, knife in an eye socket, etc. Lots of brutal gun shots too.

Reviewed by augustkellerwrites 8 / 10

Sexy & Sickening

Relentlessly brutal and radiating with style, Revenge is a movie that hauls its audience through a ride almost too extreme to handle. The story may be basic and rather predictable but it is rich with symbolism and vibrant themes. Meanwhile, the stylistic imagery and vivid flow of the movie raise the experience to a highly memorable level. Likewise, the entire cast (lead by Matilda Lutz) strikes the difficult balance of authenticity and exaggeration. Overall, the vision of Coralie Fargeat (writer/director) is clear.

Whether you like exotic cinematic moments that artfully build connection or you prefer breakneck action that will have you at the edge of your seat, Revenge is a film that flawlessly switches gears and drowns its viewers in its vile situations. Some may call Revenge too flashy for its own good but those viewers are missing the point. Among other messages, Revenge is about the union between beauty & ugliness which it packs together into a powerful punch. Sexy and sickening, if you're ready for the wicked, check out Revenge.

Writing: 7/10 Direction: 9/10 Cinematography: 9/10 Acting: 8/10 Editing: 9/10 Sound: 9/10 Score/Soundtrack: 8/10 Production Design: 7/10 Casting: 8/10 Effects: 8/10

Overall Score: 8.2/10

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