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Comedy / Drama

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Dakota Fanning as Wendy
Robin Weigert as Officer Doyle
Alice Eve as Audrey
Toni Collette as Scottie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suripat 10 / 10

Absolutely warm movie, glad I watched!

A very nice take on an autistic person life, dreams, difficulties. I watched with pleasure and every scene was so convincing. I simply cannot understand why this movie does not have higher scores. The Star Trek stuff was cleverly inserted into context and as a fan of science and space fiction that could not be better. Go watch it, if, as a Vulcan, you don't mind shedding some tears!

Reviewed by onurballi 10 / 10

Very good story and a very good message...

Some people always keep whining about everything. Dont listen to them and give this movie a chance. At the end you will get that autism is not an obsticle to make people's dreams come true...

Reviewed by cuecuite 10 / 10

A story about an aspie girl and her special interest.

Being autistic myself I had a high expectation for this film. And they totally nailed it! Its an awesome performance, the idea is brilliant and I like they did not exaggerate her aspie traits. If I would have to complain of one thing, it would be about the scene about the session with the carer about forcing her to look into her eyes for some seconds, because its a type of therapy that is not so accepted by the autistic community and it seeemed a bit sad. I would also would have liked to see her stim a bit more (like humming, rocking, pressing a squishy toy, etc for self regulation) but that is ok, many people on the spectrum do not stim that is so noticeable. For all those who have never known any autistics or ever had communication issues, sensory processing issues and overload it will be a difficult story to contextualize, but it really is a big adventure! And in the end I personally loved it, it was fun and sweet and endearing.

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