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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 98%
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Temuera Morrison as Peter Bartlett
Bruce Spence as Alien Leader
Stephany Jacobsen as Amelia Chambers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alex (doorsscorpywag) 1 / 10

Go Wolverines

Aliens invade Australia and interrupt some kind of weird version of rugby with what are the coolest scenes in the movie as the crowd wonder what this firework display is and of course film it on their phones rather than running like Hell. Nobody seems that concerned that aliens are invading the Earth they run but don't act particularly frightened by the turn of events. The acting is some level below bad!

After that it's all downhill as the cast act out various scenes from Red Dawn and take the fight to aliens who have a lot of trouble hitting anyone with their superior weaponry. The humans are better shots with these weapons than the aliens.

When not in their armour the aliens, for no sensible reason, wear rather nifty cloaks. Possibly to keep their wallets or their glasses in, possibly in some kind of homage to Clint Eastwood. We never find out.

We have the usual cliched group of people and they form themselves into The Wolverines and the resistance in the woods that inspire the country's military. Red Dawn 1984 plays a major part in this movie. Except Red Dawn 1984 was good and this isn't.

The film benefits from not having the US Army saving the day and it gets #1 for that but as alien invasions go this has got to be among the worst.

Even more laughable than Alienate although without plastic ray guns and silly hats.

Honestly BAD does not even begin to get to the nub of this 2hour bore-fest.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 3 / 10

Atrocious score, terrible screenplay, bad editing, dragged out scenes for the ridiculous 120 min length

Atrocious score - seriously unbearable and you could not help but notice it. Had that been better, the film would have shown much better.

Terrible screenplay - did anyone re-read this? The concept was interesting but there was just too much unnecessary fluff, plot issues, and pointless scenes.

Bad editing - was it even edited? Had it been/done correctly, they could have cut the many dragged out scenes for the ridiculous 120 min length and made this a bearable 80-90 min film.

The only redeeming qualities were the fairly decent SFX for a 4M low budget film, the cinematography was good, and the acting not bad for C-B-list actors, although they could have been directed better and would have performed better on a better screenplay. Some of the casting was just wrong - e.g. the 5' skinny blonde female army general(?) that couldn't act smh?

I really wanted to like this film but I just couldn't bear the above negative points. I actually had to fast forward past the useless scenes.

What's even worse is the once again 10/10 fake reviews these producers feel can sway the viewers. It's clear they are all fake when you click on the user and see it's their only review. Sad film making. A generous 3/10 from me. Don't waste your time with this one. Can't believe they are in production for a part 2.

Reviewed by mrshanskemps 1 / 10

Straight to Satan's DVD library

I laughed until I cried. Then I remembered they were making a sequel and I just cried.

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