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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by manuelasaez 3 / 10

Screaming, yelling, nothing happens, more screaming, more yelling

This movie is the worst kind of found-footage film; you can tell that the creative team wanted to save as much money as possible, so they skimped on everything from the special effects, to even the work that was supposed to be done in post. The acting is serviceable, for the most part, but the cast (especially the males) are so annoying, you just want them to disappear. The story has been done before, so their is nothing to write about that, but the execution is so poorly and shoddily done, I am really surprised anyone gave funding to complete this. I would have asked for my money back and shelved the project, never to see the light of day. It just doesn't do anything good enough to warrant even a curious viewing. Avoid it and forget it. It's just bad in every possible way.,

Reviewed by Sankari_Suomi 7 / 10

The Spanish Blair Witch

Many people are calling Noctem the Spanish Blair Witch, and frankly that's not too far off the mark.

A bunch of young Spanish persons visit some place on holiday, and bring their video camera. Weird shenanigans ensue, and poor decisions are made. The audience quickly realises that at least one person will die from a fatal overdose of shakycam before the running time is up (at one point I thought it was going to be me).

There's nothing unique or outstanding about this film, but it deserves full credit for showing what can be achieved with a tiny budget and a return to good old fashioned practical methods. You won't see any CGI; most of the fear and suspense is achieved purely through unedited sound. I really appreciated the simplicity and authenticity of this approach.

I rate Noctem at 23.31 on the Haglee Scale, which works out as a refreshing 7/10 on IMDB.

Reviewed by Flow 4 / 10

Surely not the best Spanish horror.

Sadly to say, Noctem didn't do it for me. I very much appreciate the Spanish cinema, but they don't do so good on the horror part as they manage to succeed on great thrillers. Of course one might argue that REC1,2 are masterpieces and I would have to agree, but overall they do far better on productions such as Julia's Eyes, Timecrimes, The Orphange and so on.

So, why did Noctem failed? Well first of all, it kinda looks like a mess. It tried to cover many layers at once and I do believe overall it just confused the viewer a lot. It had an idea, a plot yet its execution clearly wasn't the best. For a found footage movie it had a lot to live up to, because we expect something better, different after so many other such movies but this was not the case. We are given an mediocre execution and very few aspects that deliver.

Thus all in all I would not recommend Noctem because it really is one of the weakest Spanish horrors I've seen lately. You can clearly swift in another direction.


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