Memoir of a Murderer


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prashast Singh 10 / 10

Memoir of a Murderer Review: An unpredictable delight!

Movie: Memoir of a Murderer (15)

Rating: 5/5

This film, in short is a masterpiece. It unfolds in an extremely amazing manner and grips you right from the beginning. The scripting is so watertight that it demands your full attention. Not a single second is wasted in introducing and setting up the story, and the production values too are top notch.

MEMOIR OF A MURDERER is undoubtedly a very different sort of film. For the most part, it keeps you tensed and makes you interested in the screenplay. The film moves with a good pace, and there's hardly any unnecessary scene in the entire duration. The thrills are highly impressive and the emotional scenes too are well handled.

Sol Kyung-gu delivers a first-rate act. This is his first film I've seen and in many scenes he simply outdoes many South Korean actors. He never shows any inconsistency in the performance and is an actor to watch out for. Another praise to Kim Nam-gil, who wonderfully plays the character he's given. He's superb and is different in the portrayal of the kind of role he plays. Seolhyun is decent. Oh Dal-su is excellent as always.

There's some good humour which had me laughing out loud. The action is undoubtedly very well crafted and the final block will have the action buffs cheering up with energy. The cinematography is splendid and the visual/special effects are a treat to watch.

Director Shin-yeon Won makes the film not just enjoyable, but also a memorable one. The writers Jo-yun Hwang and Young-ha Kim also have done an excellent job. The final shot is totally jaw-dropping and is not to be missed.

MEMOIR OF A MURDERER is a marvellous and watertight action thriller which is a must see for South Korean movie lovers as well as those who love thrillers, dramas and action films. The film is a class apart and seriously, I enjoyed it more than any other South Korean action thriller. Now I'm waiting to watch the director's cut soon.

Reviewed by Jithin K Mohan 8 / 10

Memento meets Dexter

Memento meets Dexter which at times reminds of The Wailing and Insomnia. Byung-Su is a former serial killer who is living with his daughter and has got Alzheimer's disease. When new killings start to happen he suspects a young police inspector to be the culprit but not sure if he himself has been doing the murders and forgetting it. Sul Kyoung-Gu gives an incredible performance as Byung-Su and carries the whole film. The film keeps the audience guessing what's actually happening, a bit too much. The effect of domestic violence and relationships are touched upon. The mysterious mood is kept throughout the film which was effective in engaging the audience.

Reviewed by Puddles 8 / 10

Engaging thriller more than horror

Excellent acting from the leads and a story that doesn't go in a straight line. The main character has dementia and his memory of events can't be relied upon or can it? That's the premise of this movie. Engaging from the first scene with interesting characters. I definitely recommend this is a Netflix movie.

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