Martial Law II: Undercover


Action / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 520


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Paul Johansson as Spencer Hamilton
Sherrie Rose as Bree
Billy Drago as Captain Krantz
Cynthia Rothrock as Billie Blake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alucifer 7 / 10

awesome martial arts movie

the other person that reviewed this on IMDb must have seen a completely different movie than i did.everybody has their own opinion though.this stars two of my favorite martial arts actors.jeff wincott and cynthia you know there is going to be lots of good fight scenes in this movie.cynthia rothrock once again proves she is the queen of martial arts movies as she does some amazing kicks to the head in her many fight scenes.and just like he did in martial outlaw jeff wincott delivers some brutal kicks and punches to the my advice to anyone looking for a martial arts movie with lots of fighting in it should go buy this movie.

Reviewed by Bill Selleck 6 / 10


This was a good movie.

The story is nothing new i.e. dirty cops, gang, team of cops taking the problem on.

The music was nice and reminded me of the 1980s action movies even though this movie was made in 1992.

The cast was decent and everyone did what they were supposed to. In these type of action flicks the acting is minimum and the music and action take over.

The fashion (needs a comment) was terrible' as it looked like something from the miid-1980s. Not even Chuck Norris action films from the 80s looked that old.

They could of turned this into a martial arts sequel. It's a shame they don't make movies this straight forward anymore.

Thankgod for Movies4Men channel on my sky!

Reviewed by gridoon 6 / 10

Respectable low-budget martial arts film

The plot is nothing new (police corruption, a crime syndicate that uses a night club as a front, a cop investigating the death of his partner, etc.) but the fight scenes range from good to very good (the best one might be an illegal 2-on-1 that doesn't involve any of the leads). Maybe they can't match up to the best that Hong Kong has to offer, but they are choreographed in a way that showcases the fighters' power, speed and technique. My two main disappointments with this film are: 1) as already reported by another reviewer, VERY short final fight between Cynthia Rothrock and the female bodyguard (what a bummer!), and 2) no arch-villain role for the master of such roles, Billy Drago (he's just a corrupted police chief). (**)

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