Loving Pablo


Biography / Crime / Drama

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Penélope Cruz as Virginia Vallejo
Javier Bardem as Pablo Escobar
Peter Sarsgaard as Shepard
Colin Salmon as High State US Official
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by redlightlessness 4 / 10

Wasteful effort from Bardem

Narcos seasons 1 and 2 have already captured the story of Pablo Escobar fantastically. In Narcos, Wagner Moura portraits Escobar in such a convincing way that to me he is now Pablo Escobar. Watching a quality actor like Bardem doesn't change the fact that even a movie edition of Narcos would easily be a better movie.

Reviewed by Gar Conn 5 / 10

I completely agree

The film should have been in Spanish with subtitles. It was impossible to follow the dialogue.

Reviewed by nvansilfhout 6 / 10

If you watched Narcos, don't bother...

On it's own this may be a decent movie. But if you watched Narcos before this movie, it only seems like a hasty summary of the series, told from the viewpoint of one of the less interesting characters. This, combined with the fact that it should have been in Spanish, and the annoying voice over, makes it a pain to watch. One upside: Javier Bardem is actually good as Pablo!

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