I'm Not Ashamed


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Nancy Stafford as Mrs. Talbot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emiliooscarleon 10 / 10

tHEe GrEaTtest MOviE IVE EVET SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didnt understood at first but then i realized that the villain was rachel and the heroes where dylan and eric :( so sad they killed themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOLIER: eric and dylan kill everybody

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 5 / 10

I'm not ashamed to admit that this Pure Flix film was not as bad, as some critics make it out to be. Even with its flaws, the movie decent enough to watch.

Anybody that knows me, knows, that I'm not a huge fan of independent faith-based movies; especially from Pure Flix Entertainment. Yet, there are a few movies out, there; I have no problem with. 2016's 'I'm Not Ashamed' is one of those. Directed by Brian Baugh & somewhat based on the journal of real-life student, Rachel Joy Scott, this movie accounts Scott (Masey McLain)'s journey as she struggles of keeping her faith, during her troubling last year at Columbine High School. Without spoiling the movie, too much, while, the trailers might make it seem, like the filmmakers are seemingly using a real-life tragedy like the 1999's Columbine Shooting to promote a stereotypical Christian agenda, as if the whole event was cause by religious persecution. That's really far from the case, once you see the movie, as the movie takes a complex approach to the controversial issues of bulling, showing that, anybody could fall victim to it, Christian or not. While, it's true, that there was still some scenes of her regularly being subjected to mockery, due to her belief to God. Christianity is not really, not the main focus. It's more about her, trying to show compassion than preaching to the choir, when, face with indifferentism. It's also a movie about learning how to sympathy with the people, instead of trying to over-demonize them for actions, you don't believe with. This was something, very rare to see in a Pure Flix movie, whom films like 2014's 'Old Fashioned' & 2014's 'God's Not Dead', are known for being a little too righteous for its own good. Another good thing about this movie is that, the film doesn't make Rachel, out to be, too much of an angelic figure that nobody can related. She still has problems, most teens deal with; whether it's the fear, her not succumbing to much, after high school, her off and on, relationships with lovers, friends and family, her problems with alcohol & weed smoking, or her dealing with suicidal thoughts. It's character development 101. Regardless, I do think, the movie could had cut down on a bit, on the subplot of a love triangle, brewing between her & two boys, Alex Dickerson (Cameron McKendry) & fictional Nathan Ballard, loosely based on, Mark Bodiford-Pettit, as it was going too much into 2008's 'Twilight' fan-fiction, when in truth, while, Scott was somewhat popular, she mostly kept to herself, only, having one serious relationship, before breaking it up, herself, not because of her partner cheating on her, but because she didn't want it to become physical demanding, as she was moving out on her own, with a friend, Alisha Basore after high school. Another thing, misleading, was the idea, that she attended prom with a minor, fictional Asian character, named Kevin (Mark Daugherty). In real life, she went with Nick Baumgart, another Caucasian, student & one of the main targets, for the shooter. Another big misinformation that the movie is trying to spread is the idea that the shooters, Eric Harris (David Errigo Jr.) & Dylan Klebold (Cory Chapman) ask Scott, before killing her, if she believe in God. Based on the many of police reports, I have research & testimony of students around her, at the crime scene, I can personally, say, this, probably never really happen; as in real-life, Rachel was hit four times and was killed instantly. Survivor Valeen Schnurr claims that she was the one questioned as to her belief in God by the shooters & her statements were misdirection by news medias at the time, causing people to believe that the questions were direction to Scott & another victim, Cassie Bernall. Nevertheless, both victims came to be regarded as Christian martyrs by Evangelical Christians, overtime. Because of that, the movie does feel, a bit over-sentimental at times with the symbolism God's light visuals from cinematographer John Matysiak and cheesy Christian music by composer, Timothy William that went along with Scott, at certain points of the film. As for the murderers, I kinda, glad the movie didn't focus, too much on them. While, it's true, that information would help the film, a little more, on understanding, their motives. I really don't think, they really need, any more spotlight. The movie alright went overboard with the foreshadowing to the shooting. In my opinion, their presence should had been even cut, even shorter, as their climatic action would be more shocking. Nevertheless, the movie did right, with not showing anymore of the shooting, after her death, but archive news footage. The abrupt ending had still had enough of an impact to make me, feel a bit, emotional. Nevertheless, the film could had been a little more gritty with the language for a PG-13. Overall: I have to say, the movie was very insightful with its' semi-alright, acting and production values. Still, I can understand, why certain people might hate this movie for even existence. I was kinda turn off, by it, at first. After all, Columbine High School massacre is still, a fresh open wound to some people. In the end, I change my mine, because talking about the event, is the best way to heal. I just wish, the movie wasn't made, to make a profit for the studio-heads. In short, the box office take, should had gone to the victim's families, charities, or preventing gun-violence. Not the big wigs in Hollywood. In the end, while, the movie isn't God-awful. It's should had been a little more well-made. The victims of this tragedy, deserve better.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 6 / 10

Life. Worth living for something, for some people!

Based on the journal of a person who had got killed in the 1999 shooting at a high school in the US. Really inspiring character and the story, till that final horror event. But the real shame was, the filmmakers used it to promote religious. Or maybe they have highlighted too much from the religious aspect. Because, her life and that horrific event connected with her unexpected prediction which are only a coincident, rather any miracle from heaven. I'm not against believers, but I anticipated honest, a reality, not fantasy.

So coming to the film, apart from misusing a real person's life, it was a nice film. Nice casting and performances. Masey McLain was so pretty and awesome in her role. Don't expect it to be the film about that 1999 shooting. It was not about that, except it had a connection as everything was built behind it. They have shown very little from that angle towards the end. Some of the real footage attached in those parts. Yeah, the end was emotional as expected. Everyone might not find it a good film for what I had told earlier, nevertheless the true story deserves some respect.


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