Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell Bastards!


Action / Crime

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pierce Conran 7 / 10

Japanese Pop Cinema

Having seen no comment for this film, I decide to put up my own. This is the first Suzuki film that I saw, What struck me about the film was how accessible it was to western audiences. It really was a 60's crime thriller, Joe Shishido could easily be the Japanese James Bond. Another thing that struck me was the music, having become accustomed to hearing traditional chants and whistle tunes in Chambara films, I was surprised to hear a song that could effortlessly be converted to English. Not only that but I really did like the music in the film, I also have a feeling that Suzuki is a man of music, as it seems to be a crucial element in all his films.

Although by no means a masterpiece, I do think that this is a light, enjoyable film, not as heavy going as some other Japanese films. If you are interested in discovering Japanese Pop Cinema, I think that this is an easy beginner's step but that's just one man's opinion, check it out for yourself.


Reviewed by zetes 9 / 10

Straightforward Suzuki is still awesome

This was made slightly before the time when Suzuki began to experiment with the medium more radically. That would be Youth of the Beast. This one is more straightforward. Yet it is not any less entertaining. The guy was a heck of a director, even when he was apparently bored with what he saw as generic assignments. Jo Shishido stars as a private detective. He is hired by the police to infiltrate a yakuza gang to help them stop their gun running ring. The story doesn't always make a ton of sense, but it moves along so quickly that you might only realize it later. Shishido is awesome, and the film includes three wildly colored musical numbers (at night clubs - it's in no way a musical). Jo Shishido even joins into one of the numbers, which is just orgasmic!

Reviewed by colaya 8 / 10

Unique cocktail

What happens when you mix Adam West's Batman with James Bond, jazz music and pop art? Well... this movie. It's plain fun, full of primary colors, with a stylish hero in silk suit who doesn't take himself too seriously, clever deception tactics, gangs with samurai swords, pow! biff! bang!

Add Suzuki's usual game that transforms "continuity goofs" in virtue... Your usual "time" and "space" will be challenged. This is an acquired taste. If you are fan of Suzuki then this is a must. All of his trademarks are already there. And if you want to taste a new drink, this is a good chance.

Suzuki would be fired some years later since for the president of Nikkatsu Studios "we don't need a director who makes movies nobody understands". Suzuki's reply? "Why make a movie about something one understands completely? I make movies about things I do not understand, but wish to."

This film might serve as an aperitif for a different type of cinema. It will stimulate your appetite.

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