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Reviewed by jtncsmistad 4 / 10

The Makers of "Cop Car" should have Policed themselves.

Hey, I'm as big a fan of Kevin Bacon as the next guy. Or gal. Oh, let's just say human. I thought his presence in the 2015 film "Cop Car" would make it a worthwhile ride. Alas, with a nod to the vernacular of the '60's hippie culture, it was more like a bad trip, man.

With scenes appearing to suggest that it is cute to observe 10-year-old boys "play" with guns, and then watch as these same children drive a stolen vehicle at 80 miles per hour, "Cop Car" feasts upon the bottom of the barrel in a desperate attempt at hip and edgy entertainment.

In the end it is all at the expense of any scrap of entertainment at all.

Reviewed by nlytnd_1 3 / 10

CinemaSins was wrong on this one. This movie is an insult to kid's intelligence and the viewers.

Is this how adults think kids act/dialogue… do adults really think kids are this stupid behind closed doors? No wonder why kids are jackholes, because they're treated with such condescension and given such little respect. I can't stand kids, yet apparently, I inadvertently find myself being one of the most empathetic people when it comes to kids. The level of the two kid's stupidity in this movie (or the writer's stupidity) is the equivalent of dying from dehydration because they forgot they were thirsty type s__t! And I'm not talking about the kids taking the cop car either. I'm talking about virtually all their dialoguing and actions outside of this. However, they did go from the extreme of running up to the cop car, touching it, then running away (I swear I'm not making this up) to a minute later, putting the keys in the ignition and driving away? Who writes this stuff?

At one point they take the riffles out of the cop car and they're trying to literally shoot one another with bullet proof vests on, but luckily for them they didn't figure out how to shut off the safety. So, imagine being a 9-year-old who found a person all bloody and bound in the trunk of a cop car, who's crying and pleading for his life before during and after you open the trunk. What would be the first thing you would say or do? These kids stick riffles in the guy's face and ask if he's a bad guy. Apparently, they would kill him if he said yes (now we find out later that the kids didn't think the guns worked, however there are contradictions, like at one point the one kid suggest shooting the ties off). I'm not saying two 9-year-olds wouldn't be cautious. He is in the trunk of a Sheriff car after all, but the guy's tied up and bleeding. I guarantee you that 100% of non- mentally challenged people 5 and up would first wonder and ask, what happened before anything else (also who are you, are you OK). Skepticism would possibly come after the confusion/wonder and the questions, not out of the gate. At this point it's not outside the lines of reason for the kids to free a bound man pleading … that's a realistic kind of kid stupid. It's the conditions they have, which make it such a gargantuan insult to kid's intelligence. If he doesn't tell their grandma, mom, step dad or any of their teachers, he can go. You've got to be F-ing kidding me? Do I even have to break down the many ways this is beyond the realm of stupidity for a 9-year-old? At first the kids don't have anything to cut the ties with, so the one kid says let's shoot them off and proceeds to point the gun at the ties which are directly in front of the man's face. Even if action movies were the extent of a 9-year old's knowledge on guns, a kid would have to know that the bullet would pass through the plastic into the mans face. You can literally go line by line in this movie picking it apart, for example, continuing from there. The boys must find something to cut the man loose. The one kid finds a pocket knife from the car and tells his friend as he's handing it to him, "the tweezers and the tooth pick are missing, but it has the knife part". Who gives a s__t about the tooth pick and the tweezers. Why mention this? Then just before they're about to cut him loose the one kid says, "you can't have this cop car, it's our cop car, we found it and we're not going to let you have it, okay". I f__king give up! These kids aren't considered mentally challenged either. The dude who wrote this dialogue is beyond ignorant… just because he was obviously this stupid when he was 9 years old, doesn't mean that you could find two kids on a continent let alone in the same area to be that stupid and it's extremely ignorant to think that there would be. So, they free the guy, he turns out to be bad and he throws them in the back of the cruiser. As the man goes off to go do something about 200 meters away the one kid whispers "look" and the other kid loudly goes "shhhhhhhhhh" and the other kid whispers back "he can't hear us". So, these kids are essentially just now figuring out how sound works for the first time. To make a long story short the inevitable happens and the one kids shoots himself. It really doesn't matter if the kid/s live or not in this instance, because we know within a year or so the odds are astronomically in favor of both kids being dead… it goes against the laws of nature that these kids made it to the age of 9 as it is.

Reviewed by tomgillespie2002 7 / 10

Elegantly combines action, dark humour and a believable coming-of-age tale

For anyone with children of their own, Jon Watts' Cop Car may just be one of the most uncomfortable cinematic experiences you'll ever sit through, as it revels in putting its two young protagonists through hell as part of their unique coming-of-age. The two baby- faced runaways at the story's centre are played with incredible naturalism by James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford, which will no doubt make the movie all the more distressing for any doting parents. The rest of us can marvel at an incredibly well-constructed and tightly-wound thriller, which also ventures into neo-noir territory akin to early work of the Coen Brothers and, more recently and albeit with less blood, Jeremy Saulnier's Blue Ruin. It's a small piece of work that didn't escape the eyes of Marvel Studios, who quickly snapped Watts up for their delicate reboot of Spider- Man.

Opening in a vast field in the middle of nowhere, pre-teens Travis (Freedson-Jackson) and Harrison (Wellford) wander aimlessly practising swearing and sharing a Slim Jim. It's soon becomes clear that they have run away from home, but less clear is why and just how far they've come. Their boredom is soon relieved by the sight of an empty police car, parked suspiciously with keys still in the ignition and an empty beer bottle on the hood. Curiosity naturally gets the better of them and they are soon revving up the engine and teaching themselves how to drive. If anyone pulls them over, they'll just claim to be the police. We are then treated to a flashback, in which we learn that the car's owner, Sheriff Kretzer (Kevin Bacon), is not a very nice man at all. He strips to his vest, dons gloves, and proceeds to pull a body out of the trunk and buries it. When he returns to his parking spot and realises his grave error, he quickly starts to cover his tracks and hunt down the thieves.

The plot of Cop Car relies heavily on sheer stupidity. Kretzer, an experienced officer, should not have left the keys behind, or his gun, or the soon-to-be-discovered roughed-up criminal in the trunk (played by Shea Whigham). But many great thrillers are built upon the clumsy actions of the buffoons driving the action, and Cop Car is no exception. In keeping the characters backgrounds a mystery, they come unpredictable, and the film becomes increasingly intense because of this. Watts and Christopher Ford's screenplay carefully moves its small band of characters into place (including a nosy bystander played by Camryn Manheim whose good intentions seem to be destined for tragedy) for a thrilling finale that manages to keep you on the edge of your seat right up to the very last scene. Passed on for a cinema release, Cop Car is a fine example of the kind of surprises to be found with straight-to-DVD titles, elegantly combining action, dark humour, and a believable coming-of-age tale.

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