Bilal: A New Breed of Hero


Action / Adventure / Animation

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
IMDb Rating 8.4 10 15842


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mary Kom 10 / 10

Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Screen Daily, etc. all praising BILAL Movie

I thought only more than 90% audience are loving this movie but once I Google, I found almost all top critic strongly recommending this movie including Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Screen Daily, Sydney Buzz, Indi Wire, etc. Anyone can Google can find these only, also can check trusted sites like Rotten Tomatoes, everyone giving more than 4 start out of 5 Negative rating I thought coming from those, who are actually disappointed and paid negative votes. How any studio can deliver outstanding movie in this short amount of time unanimously acclaimed by all critic. For the ones who has not watched the movie just go on BILAL: A New Breed of Hero YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram side to recognize how far they took the quality

Reviewed by sanjayjohn 10 / 10

Beyond Awesome

An awesome story excellently produced. Amazing story line and execution. Never knew such a Hero ever existed in the human history. The film shows how Bilal grew up from a Slave to someone who shows the path of the liberation of human kind. The historical era is beautifully recreated in the movie. The extensive research done by the production team is commendable. I happened to see this movie by chance and would have definitely missed a good film if i haven't.

Thank You Barajoun and the team for bringing Bilal's story to the screens. The animation is top class and the characterization is perfect. A must watch movie for all ages.

Reviewed by Jonathan Anderson 10 / 10

BILAL, Haven't seen anything quite like this

A solid 1st attempt from a region not known for animation. Bilal gave me a tour of their history and culture without going in too deep or getting preachy. It is emotional to witness Bilal's growth and evolution as a character living in a world torn by violence and inequality. The camera work, the music and sound design were all top notch. I loved the battle! Ian Mcshane was very believable and menacing as Umayya and Adewale did a great job bringing legitimacy to Bilal's character. The rest of the acting was also very good! The imaginative take on the cities and characters worked really well with the style of the animation.

I really haven't seen anything quite like this movie. I want to watch it again!

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