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Rosamund Pike as Sandy Crowder
Jon Hamm as Mason Skiles
Dean Norris as Donald Gaines
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by karimnn 1 / 10

Cheesy Propaganda

I am Lebanese, and lived in Lebanon in the 1970s and 1980s. First of all, this movie wasn't shot in Beirut. Beirut didn't look like this pile of ruble even during the 70s and 80s. The yellowish filter used in the movie does a great job! This movie is neither entertaining, nor is it historically accurate, so what is it really? A good propaganda film that delivers everything it promises. There was no Islamic militias during that period, all militias were secular in West Beirut, and to link the Munich Olympics massacre and real events to some fictitious character (Farid Abu Rajal) in Beirut takes the propaganda to a higher level.

All in all, I found this movie too simplistic, it is a cheesy propaganda that only simple minded people can enjoy.


Reviewed by cruise01 3 / 10

A dull hostage thriller that is a waste of time.

Beirut (1.5 out of 5 stars).

Beirut is a dull espionage thriller that takes place during the Lebanese Civil War in 1982. The film misses on a lot of opportunities in being an effective thriller. Especially, from screenwriter Tony Gilroy (who did the Bourne movies).

The plot takes place in the 1970s when Mason (Jon Hamm) and his wife Nadia are caring for a Lebanese boy whose brother is connected to the Munich massacre. While, the boy's brother attacks Mason's party and killing his wife. A decade later, Mason an alcoholic and washed out diplomat is brought back to Beirut. When his former friend Cal (Mark Pellegrino) is taken hostage.

The plot was dull and boring. Diplomats debate continuously about the hostage situation. There is a twist that is not worth caring for. It does not help when the script lacks characterization depth. It is difficult to even have emotions for the characters. Even for the main lead, who is an alcoholic and risk taker. In the end, you still did not care for him.

Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike are both tedious with their performances. Dean Morris is terrible and playing a character with an obvious hairpiece.

There was no suspense or thrills. Do not expect any. The entire movie is just spent with Mason trying to find the Lebanese boy's older brother. So he can trade him for his friend Cal. While other dictator's are wanting to make a better deal involving money.

Overall, Beirut is horrible. The plot is dull. The direction is tedious that lacks suspense and emotions to the characters. The performances are boring. This movie is definitely a pass.

Reviewed by 210west 3 / 10

You know who'll turn out to be the bad guys...

... as soon as they're introduced, which makes the main alleged "plot twist" not much of a twist at all. Once again, as in virtually every recent Hollywood film set in the Middle East (with the partial exception of "The Kingdom"), you're supposed to root against the American intelligence professionals over there. "Beirut" asks you to cheer for clever, battle-scarred, emotionally wounded but honorable John Hamm and equally honorable Rosamund Pike -- both of them given to tough, wry, bantering movie dialogue that never fails them -- as they go up against a corrupt and ruthless United States and a scheming, warlike Israel -- or, as the movie puts it, "the White House and Tel Aviv." True, their Arab foes are definitely terrorists (something, in fact, that the NY Times critic complained about), but these terrorists also shed tears and exhibit commendable brotherly devotion.

The final half hour of the movie has our heroes putting a daring plan into operation to thwart the wicked CIA types and save the kidnapped ambassador, and at that point you may as well turn your attention to more pressing things, since you know there's going to be some ginned-up suspense but that the plan is ultimately going to succeed.

P.S. A final complaint: In an excess of atmosphere, the film is overloaded with extremely intrusive Middle Eastern music that never lets up, like an annoying radio in the next room.

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