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Richard Kind as Harold
Bai Ling as Professor Huan
Scout Taylor-Compton as Emma Grady
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tkaine3 8 / 10

Fun and quirky tale. Playful with a serious message.

This movie personifies the debate of whether cloning is humane through a make believe story of a college professor who loses his wife and repeatedly trys to clone her. The film is very light hearted and tactful maintaining its family friendly theme but when things start to go haywire a beautiful message develops. Great pacing and enough comic wit to keep everything upbeat and in good spirits. I give this a Good movie rating when seeking something clean and fun.

Reviewed by notanaxkiller-107-287911 8 / 10

Live for today

A man gets seemingly unlimited opportunities at a second chance, but in the end, all he really gets is one more. How many times have we wished that we could do things over... and over? How many tiimes HAVE we had a secomd chance, just to mess it up again? It seems that somes things are meant to be, and some are not. That some things have a time limit. They are good until they run their course, then nothing can make them right again. That sometimes, we have to admit that things have changed, and find a new direction. Jennifer Finnigan looks likke no one else in the world, has a unique personality, and is a pleasure to watch. She steals every scene she is in. This film has everything. Sadness, and loss, comedy, " Quit beating yourself up!"..discovery and happiness. And it tells us not to force things. To let life come to us. You can't make someone love you. and you can't live in the past. A great supporting cast, and a REALLY original story.

Reviewed by mrwitty5000 9 / 10

Andover is a fun fantasy

Andover is a fun, funny, fantasy, sci-fi film with a touch of darkness and a heart of gold. I could watch it over and over again.

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