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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cafenatalie 8 / 10

Captivating on many levels

After watching this a second time, I wanted to jot down a word or two or three--especially after reading some critics' reviews.

Films have such a unique effect on each individual that I don't really vibe with the word "review" when reading people's comments. I always view them rather as our opinions, feelings and interpretations of a movie--I know that's not an earth-shattering new thought or anything...

Thank god for films like this. Amongst the world of overly-saturated big-budge moneymakers, I relish these types of films, always have. Sure, this may not be the most forthcoming and understandable film right out the gate; but with an open mind and a desire for unique storytelling, this film can speak volumes to a viewer. The cinematography (esp. close-up shots) and acting alone are some of the finest pieces of art I've seen. I'm also slightly biased as I am a mad fan of all three main cast members; their performances are so incredibly real as they disappear so seamlessly into their characters that I can be truly convinced they are living this story.

Each character is so tragically beautiful and strong, but it's Mélanie's character that I resonate with the most--being young and dealing with an illness, trying to mask it and stay strong to reach whatever goal it is you can possible accomplish to heal yourself. I have lived my own version of this, and she performed it f*cking beautifully.

Yes I had some trouble following along the first time through, but I just went with it--there was something about this film that I was OK doing that, letting the story guide me and not inserting my judgments along the way, which is not always the case with me and other movies. It's hard to explain. Even if it's a challenge to grasp the overarching themes/meaning of a film, identifying with or relating to just one element in a story can be enough to strike a cord and change something about a person, in the way they think or go about life or, etc. That's the beauty of storytelling.

Also, after reading other comments, it sounds like I may have not viewed the director's cut, but a 15-min shorter version, which is a bummer because I was feeling like something wasn't being shown between Cillian's & Mélanie's characters when it seemed like they became incredibly close through their journey together towards the end. I could tell there was probably something going on between them, but the other scenes alluding to this weren't enough for me. Hoping to see a non-US version eventually.

Reviewed by ice ruby red 4 / 10

A Film's Answer to Speed Reading

This movie is like a carcass with no bones... a lovely building with no foundation... music notes without a staff.

The scenery is beautiful, the cast is superb, but so much is left to the audience to figure out on their own, that you are often left scratching your head. You are never given a reason to care about the mother or son... there is little depth to their characters, it's very "surface", like the ice that appears ubiquitously in the movie, and in some cases, in the characters' behavior.. Suddenly the mother seems to be saying goodbye to her son, and you're like "WTF?"

Aloft is like a book that someone has randomly torn pages out of. And the anticipated ending/reunion? I blinked and the credits rolled!

This would have been a terrific movie if it had been longer, more fleshed out, and had an ending worthy of putting all the time, money and effort into making a movie to begin with.

Reviewed by Paul Allaer 4 / 10

BEWARE: US theatrical release is cut by at least 15 minutes

Some time ago, my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati started showing the trailer for this movie (which now is 1 1/2 yr. old), and I was really looking forward to seeing it. Then the trailer disappeared, and finally this weekend the movie showed up. I figured this would not be playing long so I went to see it right away.

"Aloft" (2014 release from Canada-Spain-France; running time: TBD) opens with the character played by Jennifer Connelly (later we learn her name is Nana) and her two young boys, named Ivan and Gully, trying to catch a ride somewhere out in a remote 9and very cold) area in Canada. They go to a mysterious gathering of what looks to be a faith healer. Shortly thereafter we are informed "20 Years Later", where we get to know now grown-up Ivan, married and with a young baby. One day a Canadian journalist shows up out of the blue at Ivan's house. She informs him she is going up into the Arctic circle to go interview his mom and she wonders if Ivan wants to join her. At this point we're not even 15 min. into the movie but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience.

Couple of comments: firsts, this movie is written and directed by Peruvian director Claudia Llosa. She previously brought us the outstanding movie "The Milk of Sorrow", so that, along with the intriguing trailer, had given me high hopes for "Aloft". Alas, things are not that simple: "Aloft" is not a straight-forward movie, and it takes a LOT of time before I was able to piece together what the heck was going on. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it does require serious paying attention to the movie. The director jumps back and forth between the two story lines (separated by 20 years) throughout mots of the movie. The Big Reveal comes about 75 min. into the movie, and from then on I was very much into it. Second, Jennifer Connelly brings an outstanding performance as Nana, not always a likable character. Connelly is intense and emotive. Also nice work from Cillian Murphy as the grown-up Ivan, and last but not least also kudos to the 2 boys playing the young Ivan and Gully.

However, I have a major complaint about this release. It was listed at the theater and also here on IMDb as having a running time of 112 min. The version that I saw in the theater was at least 15 minutes shorter. When I started looking into it, I read the plot summary as it's posted on Wikipedia, and there I learned of several KEY PLOT points that were missing entirely from the cut that I saw. As you can imagine, I am completely disgusted with the US theatrical release and, regardless of the ultimate quality of the movie (which is not bad, although certainly not without challenges), I cannot recommend to anyone to see this movie in the theater. I have no idea whether the subsequent DVD/Blu-ray release will have the original longer version or the US shorter version, or both. Sadly, this is not the first, not the second, nor the third or last time this has happened to foreign movies being released in the US.


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