A Prayer Before Dawn


Action / Biography / Crime / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 94%
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Joe Cole as Billy Moore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TorBo 2 / 10

Realistic drama without a purpose

Great cinematography. Realistic prison drama. Fighting sequences OK. Background story non-existent, IMO main character or story not interesting and you dont get to know the main protagonist at all, viewer is left to his own conclusions. Lots of loose ends, no development between characters, despite years of incarceration in small quarters together, random shallow conversations. Title of movie is meaningless in context of pictured events, simply a made up "catchy" title. Story premise, "fighting for his freedom", is false. Freedom from prison by fighting not a possibility in story, gets easy treatment and transfer/short sentence for being "farang"/western. Freedom from drugs not shown in any way as a goal for the character. Fighting for his life by being transferred to "softer" accommodations away from the gangs could be a purpose, but not sufficiently shown in movie and is attacked by gang anyway after transfer. Dads appearance seems made up and only put in to give the real Billy Moore a cameo. All in all great cinematography, shot in a style that gives you the feeling of being there, story is rubbish - waste of time.

Reviewed by amh-98307 6 / 10

Like an extended episode of Banged Up Abroad

This movie's visuals and acting we were done, at an Thai actual prison no less, but it was a bit thin on substance. I saw that it was based on a true story so I expected something truly exceptional to have happened, but I was ultimately a bit let down. Basically it's just what you'd expect if you've seen an episode of "Banged Up Abroad" in a third world country. Not the most interesting film but I suppose shocking if you're completely oblivious to how some poor parts of the world work. There are some good parts and characters that make it better than average.

Reviewed by heavywinged01 8 / 10

Prison isn't pretty

I only say that because of the impact of the film, coupling the horror of another countries prison culture with extreme drug use, and the consequences. The fighting sequences are about as realistic in the exact opposite of what Hollywood has done to boxing/fighting films in general, so there's that...it also addresses, rather realistically, what goes on in this type of over populated prisons.

Ultimately, a dark, grim look literally inside a Thai prison. If that scares you, than it's with good reason and this should clear up any doubts for sure.

Acting is top notch, skillfully subtitled, as it was intentionally left out in scenes that left it up to the viewer to decide what was being said and get a feel for what he went through, obvious or not. Dark-noir, gritty cinematography with an interesting true story bio-line. If things bother you that involve what comes with being in prison, move right on past, because much like Midnight Express, it happens. Violent because it needs to be...even darker, because it's real life and it needs to be. Recommended with slight reservations because of subject matter, otherwise a skillfully made film in what appears to be very challenging filming location; i.e. within the constraints of a actual Thai prison.

Grandma needs to stay in the other room for this one.

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