7 Splinters in Time


Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.5 10 263


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Emmanuelle Chriqui as Alise Spiegelman
Lynn Cohen as Babs
Sarah Sokolovic as Chess Girl
Austin Pendleton as Fyodor Wax
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sankart-66671 3 / 10

A failed sci fi movie

An utterly failed attempt to make something like predestination

With the story line could have made something better with no lag of Time and unnecessary flashbacks which are not helpful in any way to viewers

The movie fails to keep the viewer in front of the screen Hence I don't think everyone who start watching the movie shall come to know the story

The portrayal of time travel is the worst you can see in any sci fi movie

Reviewed by Boristhemoggy 2 / 10

A bizarrely bad attempt to force some kind of art from a mish mash of odd scenes

I watched about 35 minutes of this film and still I feel as though I gave the writer and director more time than I should have. I wish I was able to say I only gave it 20 minutes before turning it off, but I was in a good mood that day so i gave it some space to grow. Big mistake. There is no story here at all. There's no viewer engagement, there's not on e reason to keep watching form the opening scene except curiosity to wonder if it is going to turn into something good. It's the most pretentious load of old rubbish I've seen in years and I feel slightly embarrassed for everyone who was involved in making it.

Reviewed by natcalgary 2 / 10

You need to be on drugs to enjoy this

I have seen thousands of movies. And this is in the bottom 10. I think it is possible to enjoy this movie if you are on LSD or something

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