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    Happy Meals to You !
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About Us

The Wizard

Foodskraft's inception took place with a vision to revolutionize the F&B industry and thus enhancing your meal experience to a memorable one !

The name 'Wizard' comes from our parent company Wizard Hospitality & Technologies. It was conceptualized to provide a comprehensive end to end F&B Operations solution model to cater to every single need of Corporates, Institutions, Hospitals and PSU's.

We intend to go global for our vision is to touch base overseas in near future. The govt of India’s thrust on Digital India was our basis to think and dream of our magic called

Key USP’s
  • KAK-S: It’s a kraft by the Wizards! Key Accounts Kitchen Services (KAK-S)
  • Introducing edible cutlery at all our floors
  • Body camera powered Kitchen Marshall
  • Extremely competitive rates
  • Sealed Container Protocol-First time

Our Initiative towards a greener planet !!

We are little different in our approach-that’s why we refer us as wizard! Here are some gruesome facts and what “Kraft” we found to minimise it.

According to CSR journal Indians waste as much food as the whole United Kingdom consumes. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) approximately 40% of the food produced is thrown. India wastes 244 crore worth of food each day.!

We alone can not change this scenario but through our unique protocol at cafeterias we aim to minimise this menace.

To further up our initiative we have a tie up with well known food optimisers called “ROBIN HOODARMY” – We salute them from our heart.

Did you know India is sitting on 8.3 billion tons of waste plastic. Nearly 50% of plastic used are single used products such as stirrers, spoons, straws, forks etc. One spoon/ fork/straw takes around 400 years to decompose. You can imagine the grim scenario. We thought of a strong initiative to atleast start a revolution towards “ZERO PLASTIC”- We are in talk with a start-up which produces edible cutlery and straws.