Our Aim and Vision is in sync with ‘Digital India/Cashless India’ a Government of India thrust mission. We strive to enhance productivity of your “staff” by providing them with technologically progressive cashless platform in order to save crucial minutes and hassle free meal experience. It is said “Better fed Team works better”.

Our Niche model comprises of the following:

Vendor Management: We offer you with the option of Vendors to choose from our Kitty so that in case of any trouble/issue, you get the vendor of your wish as per your requirement and cuisine. Moreover, we will provide you with the rating and services of the vendor to make the short listing process easy.

With our expertise and guidance we may help the selected vendors for obtaining HACCP & FSMS certificate, which will enhance the vendor’s standard of operation and reputation.

Another epochal KAK (KEY ACCOUNT KITCHEN) service would be on offer for our key accounts in case of contingencies.

Food Quality & Service Monitoring: This is the 2nd crucial pivot. The proposed vendor or an existing one need continuous monitoring, pruning and mentoring. We offer a Kitchen Marshall - hands on trained chef, to ensure the quality, hygiene and know the DNA of bulk food preparation in kitchen on site for timely dispatch of the meals.

To up the game, we use body camera/CCTV wherever such need arises.

Out stringent policy for food safety and quality along with SCP (Sealed Container Protocol) ensures tri dimensional safety of food. Our Site Marshall, a hotelier, ensures seamless floor experience on site.

Technological Expertise: Our unparalleled state of the art technological solutions are handcrafted especially tailor fit to the ambiance of F&B Operations saving on time and cost.

Our Niche products has plethora of Krafts to eliminate common pain points such as long queues, cash & petty change issues, huge time consumption on one meal one employee basis.

Our technological partner offers following hand crafted solutions for Corporate:

  • Super ID/Super Tag
  • One click APP Ordering for clinicians/non-clinicians/Patients & attendance.
  • Cash card/QR Code for OPD
  • Remote control App ordering
  • CUG (No KYC needed of Employees)
  • Dashboard Insights for ADMIN/HR/Vendor
  • Nutritional Value & calorie counts on request.